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Welcome to Excelsior College

Excelsior College is an independent school located in Tottenham, North London. The school is a family school with mixed age range and ability groups. Parents are from various backgrounds but are in the main professional people in employment. They are guided by the common interest in their children and led by the value system they share with the school.


Excelsior College pays close attention to the national curriculum and ensures that its contents are taught. Our course of study also reaches beyond the national curriculum in providing a much broader base and range of subjects necessary to provide our children with a greater breadth of knowledge and quality of early educational experience – a prerequisite for living, working and hoping to shape a rapidly changing world.

The School

Excelsior College is a non denominational nursery and primary school for children from 3 to 11 years old. Excelsior College was first opened in 1989. We aim to develop independence in our children who are vigorously encouraged to establish their own standards and develop a sense of responsibility disposed to forming independent opinions, judgments and action.


Our task at reception and below is to build upon the varying levels of resilience, confidence, abilities, physical and emotional needs. With an emphasis on empathy we help and support our children in fostering aspirations and hardiness. This is achieved within a safe, healthy and inclusive environment.