About Us

Child with books

Excelsior College is driven by ambition to achieve high standards. This is the basis of our ethos and value system. This is supported and underpinned by the principle that each pupil has a self determining responsibility, a responsibility, which we encourage through our practices and which parents are asked to continue at home.

Children are often required to originate ideas and develop them to presentation. They are given the opportunity to interact with unfamiliar adults and other audiences before whom they have to deliver a song, poem, play or take part in a competitive debate involving complex issues with which they have to carry out independent research (assisted by parent).

Children's ideas and opinions are invited, highly valued, explored positively and frequently incorporated into their work which receives the appropriate acknowledgement in which this is encouraged to flourish. Discussions are encouraged in which staff will generate ideas, expressed through non-academic language to make links which are beyond discrete topic areas.