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Children are admitted at 3 years and will leave upon entry to secondary school. Children in all year groups up to year 5 are admitted throughout the year. Scholarships and bursaries are awarded to children who through the exams show promising academic potential. Children are also awarded points according to other potential they may show in sports, music, drama or other extra curricula activities. Scholarship and bursary exams are held at quarterly intervals. For details regarding these dates parents should keep informed via the news and events board.

Admission to Excelsior College

Academic assessment
The assessment does not work to a syllabus and pass papers are not available. The assessment will be in Verbal reasoning, English and Mathematics. Everything will be done to make children feel at home on the day. These awards are competitive. Parents are advised to hold realistic hopes for their children based upon their reported national curriculum performances.

Informal friendly interviews with parents and children will also help in making awards. Reports from the former school and or religious representative to whom the child is acquainted will also be taken into consideration.

You will be interested in knowing that the 2015-2016 fees are £1335 per term, the awards could rise . The number of awards made is determined by the calibre of applicants. Bursary awards are made according to parental needs. Parents may be required to complete relevant forms and provide supporting documents.

We would expect successful candidates to progress and win scholarship and bursaries to secondary schools. Awards are renewed by annual exams and reviews of annual progress in all activities in which the status of the awardee must be retained.

Applications must be received at least two weeks before the assessment date.