Former pupils have gone on to achieve above average grades in their GCSE results. Many have achieved exceptional grades. Amongst these are substantial grades at A stars and A. Those who have gone onto advanced levels have achieved grades A to C.

Some children attended independent school, grant-maintained and comprehensive establishments. They have become well rounded, young people with interest in classical piano, jazz piano, cello, saxophone and vocals. Some have performed publicly at renowned music venues others have had minor roles on television programmes.



I left Excelsior College ten years ago, a full decade. It seems like that care free like is a million miles away. I'm now in my final year of a 4 year long course in Genetics and Immunology at the University of Aberdeen. The Scottish education system is a bit different from the English, in that most courses are 4 years.
I remember being 11 and longing for this day to come, being so excited about becoming a 'Grown Up'.  I used to sit and think about how hard my life was, having to do my nine timetables all over again because they were wrong, or struggling to think of an African country or the name of a sea, as it got closer and closer to being my turn.
Since leaving Excelsior College, all sorts of things have been the bain of my life. From making new friends on the first day of school, rushing to the board to see if I had made it on to the netball team, to rushing to that same board to see if I had made team captain for the swim team. I fought my way through secondary school, on a mission: to make it out of London.
I finally made it through the tangled mess of GCSEs and A Levels into this supposed magical world where possibilities are endless. I partied my way through first year, exercised my way through second year, stressed my way through third year and now I am studying my way to the end. There has been everything along the way, from little bumps to horrendous mountains but I guess I've made it. Sitting in my tutorials, waiting for my turn to present, I look back on those nine times tables and everything falls into perspective.Now I'm waiting for the next boulder life throws at me. But I have been prepared for it and indeed relish the challenge.I suppose this is the X factor of Excelsior College pupils of whom I was amongst the first.
No one can say we are one dimensional. We are certainly not stuffy. I have been out with some of my former primary school friends with whom I have spent time.  We have done all kind of degrees and taken part in a variety of past times. I enjoyed  horse riding and netball. I look forward to getting together with them again soon to reflect on old times and share our experiences of the new.<br /
These are not the easiest of times to be graduating. My parents are as always encouraging me into business. I am considering this. A very important part of the spirit of independence strongly encouraged at Excelsior. However I am also thinking of doing a graduate degree and working with the National Health Service. My strategy is based upon pursuing my interest, making my contribution to society and solvency all true to the spirit of my primary school.



I am currently a Year 11 student at Queens College in Harley Street and am taking my GCSE's May/June 2009. It has been several years since I was at Excelsior College. But I do remember that been at Excelsior College set me up well for my new secondary environment. It gave me the opportunity to independently build character before been put into an environment where my strength of temperament would be tested.
Excelsior was rigorous in helping me to form resilience to adversity. Giving up under pressure was never an option for us. And we were often challenged to raise the expectations we had of ourselves. I have strong affections for the school for many reasons but above all I can say I made some life long friends and became part of a very exclusive club. I have not met any other children who have been through the same experience as pupils who attended Excelsior.
I remember the school concerts and debating competitions. They were very serious events which typical of Excelsior gave us practice in speaking publicly, developing and defending our views with determination and reason. I am now also representing my school at Model United Nations. I also remember the business at the end of the year. My project was fruit juices. I think Jelani and I made fourty pounds.
I rouse to the challenge of secondary school, quickly making friends and taking part in activities. I have held the post of form representative many times. I also represented my school in tennis, rounders, judo (winning bronze at the nationals) and netball. I was part of the school team that travelled to Singapore and Australia as part of a netball tour. I also play netball in an adult league as an extra school activity and was (until injury intervened) fighting for a place in the England junior judo squad.
Maths and Science was always pushed at Excelsior. I remember the investigations which were always practical and involved everyone. We did a lot of cutting out and drawing for science. That may explain why I enjoy Maths and Science so much... I have won gold and silver awards at Junior and Intermediate Maths challenge and have being granted an academic scholarship.
Excelsior was a disciplined rigorous school. It was competitive, sporty and academic with lots of chances to explore your own interest. We were all individuals but we all had an experience which made us different from many of our peers. I am not afraid to speak the truth and will look others in their eyes and be respectful whilst doing so. A good advantage in the various roles of leadership I have taken on in my secondary school.
This is my GCSE year and I am hoping to do well. If all goes well I will take Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry at A level. I am not yet certain about my choice of careers; however my interest stretches from Medicine to Banking. Either of which will enable me to follow an interest in making a contribution to societal development either through providing care or investments with the same bias. I look forward to joining with friends in justifying our time at Excelsior College.



My name is Jelani Phillips and I am 12 years old. I attended Excelsior College from the age of 5.  At Excelsior College I learnt that it is important to speak up for what I believe in. This was encouraged on a day to day basis. We had regular debates on various subjects; this helped to develop my confidence and improve my communication skills.
At Excelsior College we had mixed classes which meant that from year 4 to year 6 we were all in the same class and helped each other. The experience of learning things earlier meant that I was able to score the top marks in my year 6 exams.
I'm very active and enjoy most sports. My main sport is tennis which I have been playing since I was seven years old.  Throughout the winter I have been training very hard for the summer tournaments and to increase my LTA rating. I also enjoy music and dancing. My favourite music is Rap; I'm currently studying for my Grade 4 in Piano.
I have been attending secondary school for roughly 6 months and have been enjoying it a lot.  I am in the top maths set and the cross country team. In year 8 I will be able to join the Basketball team.  Secondary school is where you can take something you're really good at, and take it to another level. I enjoy maths and Intend to study it to a higher level.

L.A. Cartier


Excelsior College gave me a great start to life, I learned the Swahili language from a very young age and by the time I went to a public school I knew much more than the other children. I knew how to do work that was not usually set for a student of my age, and by the age of around 6, I was a Mensa certified child.
I left Excelsior College and felt like I had been trained to be very independent. I was able to do things by myself instead of always having to ask for help.
Mr. Gilfillian definitely taught me to have determination and also trained each student to have MANNERS! This helped me in the long run because I am very polite and I know how to communicate with people very well. My past in Excelsior College definitely has a lot to do with the way that I deal with certain situations and events today.
I am currently studying Psychology &amp; Criminal Behaviour in the University of Bedfordshire. I am also a singer, songwriter and currently have some of my songs being played on a number of radio stations including BBC1Xtra.
I continue to work hard in order to have a successful life in the future.
L.A. Cartier



Excelsior College has been an astounding part of my life. Not only have I benefited academically from the concerned teachers but I met some truly great people who I still have contact with to this day, tha'ts a friendship of over 14 years. I am happy that I can still speak to my friends after such a long time.

I am in my final year of my course at the University of Hertfordshire. Here I am studying a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science. I have thoroughly enjoyed my university experience. It has been an adventure like no other and definitely worth it. I am coming close to the end and finishing my projects and dissertation.

I am currently searching for and applying to many Internships and graduate schemes. My main objective is to find a suitable job that matches my experiences from university. The main sector in which I am looking for jobs is in an IT programming or IT networks field. I am going through the selection process with a few of them and should hear from them soon so fingers crossed for me!

Other activities outside of education that I take part in are, American Football, Skiing and Martial Arts. I study a form of martial arts called Tang Soo Do at an East London gym. It is a Korean martial art and the name literally translates into English meaning &quot;The way of Tang (i.e. Chinese) Hand&quot;. I enjoy training because it is a great way to stay in shape, meet new people from all around the world through competitions and a beneficial way of learning self defense.

Lee-James Francis



I was recently at a Christmas get together at Excelsior College. I came down from Edinburgh the day before and looked forward to seeing my old school friends. I saw friends who were still at secondary school and about to take their GCSE. I also saw former pupils who had recently graduated or who were going to graduate this year. One of my former class mates, older than me was studying in the USA. The mixed age group class experience at Excelsior College has enabled me to mix with anyone. I am now at Edinburgh University. That experience has helped me to settle into my football team where the majority of the players are in their late twenties.
 Primary school never seems that distance. My brothers and sisters shared the same experience and I have always benefited from the independence granted us and high expectation held of us from an early age.
I am in the first year of a four year M.A Economics degree at Edinburgh University. I am now halfway through my second semester and exams and essay deadlines are closing in fast. It has been a change after attending school in the City of London. But Edinburgh is a cosmopolitan city with a healthy nightlife and rich history.
 I have achieved a bit since leaving Excelsior. At Secondary school I was a keen sportsman. Playing for 5 different teams and eventually captaining the 1st XI football team. I was also house captain and mentor to other children, and section leader in the Army Cadets and received prizes for my contribution to the school. I would have liked to have obtained the Duke of Edinburgh Gold but time was not on my side and I had to settle for the silver. Part of this required ongoing activities which was easy enough as I had been playing the Saxophone and the piano for sometime.
 My main concern now is with developing my career in Private Wealth Management. I have began to explore the world of investment management and have had a number of good job experience opportunities with various banks. Some of these have been through contacts of Excelsior College. I am now looking for a long term internship with an investment bank. I need help with this so if you are able to offer any assistance contact me at <a href=""></a>. If I can assist with those who have attended my primary school I will be pleased to make my contribution.



I began Excelsior from the tender age of three and a half, and it is where many of my first memories began.  Excelsior is a fantastic school that has shaped my life, ambition, character and education.

As one of Mr Gilfillian's first pupils, he created a friendly but disciplined atmosphere.  Mathematics, English and general knowledge were critical with numerous equipment and materials to help us learn counting and multiplication.  It was also here where I was introduced to my first additional language; French. Respect and routine were very important, that strong &quot;good morning Mr Gilfillian&quot; handshake has stayed with me till now and a firm handshake is one I am now known for.  Some of my memories include training for posture and elegance, fitness, acting and participating in several shows and sports events.

Throughout Secondary School I was achieving not only academically, but musically (as a solo pianist and playing the viola in the orchestra) as well as in sports (in the athletics, hockey, rounders and tennis teams and captaining the swimming team).

Now, soon to be 21, I still have the qualities, experience, ambition and of-course the very firm handshake!  I am in the final year of my BSc Hons Computer Science degree at QMUL (Queen Mary University of London) and in a male dominating world I am captaining two projects with more determination and producing high quality/standard of work.  I have interned with Goldman Sachs as a software developer/business analyst and on completing my degree, will be working for Nomura as a software developer for 12 months.  I have also worked as a tutor in Supplementary schools teaching Maths, English and Science in my spare time.

Like bones my parents and Excelsior have given me the strong foundation and head start that has shaped my life.  I take this opportunity to thank Mr Gilfillian and Ms Barnet for all that they have done.  You have been the building blocks for my life.  Thank you!

Ruschelle Thompson