Excelsior College pays close attention to the national curriculum and ensures that its contents are taught. Our course of study also reaches beyond the national curriculum in providing a much broader base and range of subjects necessary to provide our children with a greater breadth of knowledge and quality of early educational experience – a prerequisite for living, working and hoping to shape a rapidly changing world.

The curriculum is subject to regular review. We respond to government policy changes especially in its implications to the national curriculum. Our strategy is to implement elements of government policies which best fits our needs. However we do take advantage of our independence from statutory requirements to make innovations on the curriculum that is unique to us.

The teaching periods have a mix of humanities, science and mathematics. Uniquely we aim to integrate all aspects of the curriculum so that we respond to children’s own unique style of learning. Through this approach we also aim to bring children’s attention to the advantages of inter disciplinary understanding of the curriculum.

We look to a future where knowledge is integrated and where those with appreciation of this approach will be at an advantage. Our curriculum and its delivery are based upon this projection. We have regular assemblies in which children take turns to individually present issues and take question around social and personal education.

In addition to regular formal physical education aimed at building children physical dexterity and competitive edge in sporting activities children also practise kinesiology as a mean of developing further academic capacity.

We believe that children are as much leaders in their development as adults and as such we engage them in their learning by way of consulting on marking engaging them actively in their learning. Physical education kinesiology competitive tutor but sometimes using external specialist help.