The School


Excelsior College is a non denominational nursery and primary school for children from 3 to 11 years old. Excelsior College was first opened in 1989. We aim to develop independence in our children who are vigorously encouraged to establish their own standards and develop a sense of responsibility disposed to forming independent opinions, judgments and action.

The School of Excelsior College

Our children develop in an atmosphere of high expectations, mutual respect and strong friendship. Staff at Excelsior College knows and value each child and believe in ensuring that children achieve their best, through high quality learning and teaching. Children, parents, carers, advisers and friends are all encouraged to be actively involved in the life of Excelsior College. We welcome visitors to the school and are proud of the achievements of our children. The high standards and vibrant education have all contributed to making Excelsior College an extremely successful school.

Our purpose also includes the development of a formidable sense of determination and commitment.
In our view, an unflappable persona is essential to success in the face of the inevitable adversities that life will sometimes pose. The Excelsior College child is therefore encouraged to be polite, patient, dignified, vivacious and relentless in pursuance of their goals. Our practices foster an environment in which the virtues of service, loyalty to family, community and nation are nurtured in our children.

Children are gently inclined towards understanding that there are cultural, religious and gender differences. Throughout tutelage, we expect our children to be proud of these differences whilst developing a greater pride and value of the overriding strengths of their similarities and interest.